Social Distancing

PLEASE help us by following the rules we have to have in place in order to be compliant. We WANT to be open and we WANT to remain open! PLEASE help us do that by being respectful of what we have to have in place during this time. THANK YOU!!!



The Ohio Theatre will be practicing Social Distancing by keeping 6 feet apart from the next closest group. 

The Lobby will be our area of biggest challenge. Here are some things that you'll need to know to help us be successful. 


1. Buy your tickets online if possible.

2. There will be 6' markers in the lobby. Please help us and stand at those markers. If there are people at each of the line markers please wait outside until a space opens up.

3. Only one person from your party will be able to come up to the ticket booth.

4. As soon as. you get your tickets please go find your seats. 

5. We have blocked off every other row with caution tape in order to follow the current rules in place. Please find seats in the designated open seating area. 

6. Families may sit together, but there will need to be 2 empty seats in between you and the next closest group of people.


1. Once you've found your seats, please have 1 person from your party come to the concession stand. 

2. There will be 6' markers in the lobby for the concessions line. If there are people at each of those markers you will need to wait your turn before you can get in line. 

3. If you need help carrying your concessions items, have another person from your party wait off to the side in the back of the auditorium. When it is your turn in line they can come over to help carry items. 

4. Go in and an enjoy the movie or event!!!


As updated on 11/11/2020, by order of the Governor, masks are now mandatory unless you are actively eating or drinking. You are welcome to get food and drinks from our concession stand to enjoy in your seat during the movie or event, however, masks will need to be worn at all other times. If you need a mask just ask and we will have one for you.


1. If you are experiencing ANY sickness or fever, you will need to wait to come to the theatre for another time.

2. If you have be exposed to Covid-19 within the last 14 days. 


We will look forward to having you when you are feeling better and when you are no longer contagious!


Having to do things this way will take a little extra time. Please don't wait until the last minute to get to the theatre! Give yourself some extra time in order to be in your seat at the start of the movie or event.